This is a big day for Abcore. We are excited to release our own line of catalog antibodies. After working hard to build our reputation offering the highest quality custom antibody production services, we are starting to release catalog antibodies for purchase by end users.

Abcore is a young company, and we are excited at the incredible growth we have experienced, and the overwhelming positive response we have had from our customers. Abcore started by serving as a US Hub for small European biotech companies including Everest Biotech, EXBIO, and Oxford Expression Technologies (OET). Each one of these companies offer unique products serving specific niches of scientific research. The feedback from customers who now receive their shipments overnight, without having to worry about exchange rates, and having lower shipping costs has been very encouraging. This area of our business continues to grow and we will be announcing new US Hub partners soon.

Almost immediately after our founding, we started offering production of custom antibodies. We started with production in rabbits, chickens, and goats. Later on we also build a facility for ascites production, and started offering single domain antibody production in llamas.

Now Abcore takes yet another big step with the release of our own antibodies. We are starting with a modest offering of 365 ELISA positive antibodies, but we already have many more antibodies which are currently undergoing quality control. As Abcore continues to grow, we anticipate our catalog and services offerings to also grow.

We try not to post too many blog posts on new products we release (we do this over at new products), but this is something that we are excited to share. Usually we post more general interest articles like An Introduction to Ascites Production, or An Introduction to Blocking Assays: Pre-Absorbing Antibodies, but we do hope that we can supply you with quality catalog antibodies in the future.

As a side note, it is always good to celebrate after such a big step, which Abcore did with our recent fishing trip. Follow us in LinkedIn or Twitter to stay informed of our changes.