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Custom Chicken Antibody Production

At Abcore our emphasis is on animal health, and our chickens are bred and put into production on the same farm. We also have on site veterinarians which monitor chicken health and comfort to maximize egg production.

Abcore offers standard 56 day chicken production packages which consist of 4 immunizations, resulting in the collection of 12-15 eggs per chicken (please see example project timeline below). We typically use 2 chickens for each project, and prices start at $330. Our chickens are California White Leghorn and were developed specifically for poultry operations in California.

Abcore provides free antigen design to assist in selection of the best possible peptide sequence for eliciting the desired antibody response. We use the latest in software with the proper algorithms to assess antigenicity, hydrophilicity, flexibility, secondary structure and aggregation potential. Please take advantage of this free assistance.

$330.00 USD Starting Price





Package 1

customer antigen to egg collection

Package 2

Customer Antigen to lgY Purified Antibody

Package 3

Customer Antigen to Affinity Purified Antibody

Package 4

Peptide Synthesis to Egg Collection

Package 5

Peptide Synthesis to lgY Purified Antibody

Package 6

Peptide Synthesis to Affinity Purified Antibody

service includes


Immunization of 2 chickens

ELISA titre

Customer provided antigen

lgY purification

Affinity purification

Antigen design

Peptide antigen synthesis

Time (weeks)

8-10 10-12 10-13 12-13 13-15 12-13

what you recieve

Full project report

ELISA data

Preimmune serum (5mL)

Whole eggs (10-20)


lgY purified antibody

Affinity purified antibody

Affinity resin (10mL)

Peptide (2-3mg)

what you recieve

Peptide (2-3mg)







Additional items if Project is Extended Past 56 Days

Per diem board and care

Additional antigen needed

$2.00/Day/Animal (includes egg collection)



Pre-immunization egg collection


Immunize chickens with 0.25 mg of antigen mixed with Complete Freund's Adjuvant


Immunize chickens with 0.15 mg of antigen mixed with Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant


Immunize chickens with 0.15 mg of antigen mixed with Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant


Start egg collection


Immunize chickens with 0.15 mg of antigen mixed with Incomplete Freund's Adjuvant


End egg collection

Process Details

Antigen requirement

Average yield

lgY yield




1.4 mg per 2 chicken protocol for immunizations

12-15 eggs per chicken

Approximately 50 mg/yolk

0.05 mg

0.1 ml

Yolk lgY isolation is available for nominal cost, and can be shipped in PBS containing 0.1% NaN3

We can also ship intact eggs