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Rat Antibodies

Antibodies for research or other applications are produced in vivo with the help and assistance of the immune systems of many different host species. Usually, the host species of an antibody should be the same as the target species of the study. However, this may not always be possible. In this instance, species cross-reactivity can be predicted by choosing an antibody from a host species with as close of a similar sequence as possible. A rat antibody is an antibody that has been raised and derived in a ratas the host species. The rat’s immune system is tapped in order to produce antibodies against an antigen or target. The process starts by immunizing the mouse with an immunizing peptide (antigen). The rat’s immune system will react with the foreign peptide and begin to produce antibodies against it. Typically, many booster injections are given to the mouse in order to maximize the amount of antibody produced. In order to test if the rat is producing an adequate supply of antibodies, small amounts of blood can be drawn and tested. These samples are tested for titre (titer) or a range of the amount of antibody being produced by the rat. Once an adequate titre is detected, blood is drawn and an antiserum is made. The antiserum contains antibodies as well as blood serum or plasma. Depending on the immunizing antigen, the antiserum can contain many different types of antibodies (polyclonal). The antiserum needs to be purified and the rat antibodies can be extracted. These mouse antibodies are useful in many aspects of research for medical and other laboratory or scientific processes.

Anti-CD9 antibody, raised in rat, is expressed in the membrane of cells located in a variety of hematopoietic and epithelial cells. Anti-CD9 antibody binds against CD9 target which is involved in platelet activation and aggregation. CD9 regulates paranodal junction formation and is also involved in cell adhesion, cell motility, and tumor metastasis. CD9 is required for sperm-egg fusion during reproduction. Anti-CD45 antibody, raised in rat, binds against the target CD45. CD45 antigen is also known as protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor type C (PTPRC). PTPRC is an enzyme in the cluster of differentiation 45 family that contains many similar proteins encoded from a single complex gene. PTPRC is required for T-cell activation and acts as a positive regulator of T-cell co-activation by recruiting and dephosphorylating SKAP1 and FYN. Defects in protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor type C are the cause of severe combined immunodeficiency autosomal recessive T-cell-negative/V-cell-positive/NK-cell-positive and are involved in multiple sclerosis susceptibility. Severe combined immunodeficiency autosomal recessive T-cell-negative/V-cell-positive/NK-cell-positive is a rare genetic disease characterized by impairment of humoral and cell-mediated immunity, leukopenia, and low or even absent antibody levels. It is an immunodeficiency syndrome where affected individuals suffer from persistent infections. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease affecting many people throughout the world. Multiple sclerosis affects the brain and spinal cord and is caused by damage to the myelin sheath. Affected individuals suffer from symptoms like muscle spasms, numbness, loss of balance, and trouble walking.

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Product Number Title Applications Host Clonality
AC16-0035-07 Anti-CD40 Antibody (Biotin) ELISA, WB, IHC(F), IHC(P), IP Rat Monoclonal (FGK45)
LIA-0905BB Anti-ESM-1 Antibody (Biotin) WB, IHC Rat Monoclonal (GGR222)
AC14-0079-07 Anti-Integrin alpha V + beta 6 Antibody (Biotin) IF, FC Rat Monoclonal (AvB653a.2)
AC16-0033-07 Anti-CD4 Antibody (Biotin) ELISA, IHC(F), IHC(P), ICC, IF, IP, FC Rat Monoclonal (GK1.5)
AC16-0061-07 Anti-CD31 Antibody (Biotin) ELISA, WB, IHC(F), ICC, IF, FC, ELISAM Rat Monoclonal (ER-MP12)
AC14-0028-07 Anti-Cisplatin modified DNA Antibody (Biotin) ELISA, IHC, ICC Rat Monoclonal (CP9/19)
AC16-0041-07 Anti-Visfatin Antibody (Biotin) ELISA, WB, IHC(F), IHC(P) Rat Monoclonal (14A5)
LIA-1101BB Anti-ESM-1 Antibody (Biotin) IP Rat Monoclonal (GGR237)
AC14-0082-07 Anti-Kaposi's Sarcoma Virus D-type Cyclin Antibody (Biotin) WB, IHC, ICC, IF, IP Rat Monoclonal (94B)
AC16-0034-07 Anti-IL12A Antibody (Biotin) ELISA, WB, IHC(F), IHC(P), IP Rat Monoclonal (C17.8)
AC12-0191-07 Anti-GRP94 Antibody (Biotin) ELISA, WB, IHC, ICC, IF, IP, FC Rat Monoclonal (9G10.F8.2)
AC14-0032-07 Anti-CLEC1B Antibody (Biotin) WB, FC Rat Monoclonal (17D9)