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Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Cloning Services

Abcore has developed proprietary procedures for rabbit monoclonal antibody production. After having so much success with our pioneering llama antibody production projects, we have now also extended the same methods to rabbits. Our optimized library construction and screening processes with phage display technology guarantee successful isolation of high affinity clones in a short time period. We have successfully produced multiple clones for a variety of antigens in llamas, ranging from large protein molecules (>400kD) to small haptens (small chemical molecules of ~200 dalton), many of the binders have sub-nanomolar affinities measured by ELISA.

Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Production Highlights:

  1. We use peripheral blood mononuclear cells to construct the library without sacrificing the rabbits. This means the customer will continue to have the polyclonal antibody supply from the rabbits.
  2. The antibody gene library is constructed to display Fab on phage, not single chain (scFv).
  3. The antibodies are identified through affinity binding, therefore they usually exhibit high affinity compared to those obtained from hybridoma technology.
  4. Genes of light chain and heavy chain are cloned directly.
  5. Full IgG can be produced by simple subcloning to expression vectors with a Fc coding sequence.
  6. We do not claim any rights to the clones. Clients will be the owner of sequences and derivatives of the identified clones.
  7. We guarantee at least one clone with affinity of over 1uM (by ELISA).

Project Progression:

  1. Rabbit immunization: Two Rabbits will be immunized with antigen provided by customer according to our optimized procedure. Anti-serum titer will be determined by ELISA.
  2. PBMC isolation and Fab antibody library construction: Fab antibody library will be constructed using cDNA from PBMC from immunized rabbit.
  3. Fab antibody gene isolation: Clones of Fab antibody gene will be isolated. Gene sequences (Light chain and Heavy Chain) for positive clones will be delivered to the customer.
  4. Expression and purification of Fab antibody: Fab protein will be expressed in HEK293 and purified to >90% purity.
  5. Affinity determination of Fab antibody by ELISA: Affinity of selected Fab antibody will be determined by ELISA.
  6. Additional services available upon request including production of more Fab antibody and full IgG (with Fc domain) expression and purification

Please contact us for more details.

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