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flashBACULTRA™ is an improvement over both the flashBAC™ and flashBACGOLD™ systems due to the removal of three more virus genes (p10, p74 and p26) from the flashBACULTRA™ genome.


  • Increased recombinant protein transcription from the polh promoter
  • More efficient transport through the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and secretory pathway
  • Increased cellular stability and longevity
  • Increased recombinant protein secretion
  • Increased recombinant protein yield
  • Reduced proteolysis and degradation
  • Increased recombinant protein quality

Baculovirus DNA chiA
flashBAC™ • Expression of secreted and membrane targeted proteins
flashBACGOLD™ • Reduced proteolysis
• Improved secretion and membrane targeting
flashBACULTRA™ • Increased transcription of polh promoter giving higher yields
• Increased protein quality due to improved cellular stability
• Reduced proteolysis
• Improved secretion and membrane targeting

For a listing of recent publications which have used the flashBAC expression system, please see our listing of flashBAC publications.

flashBACULTRA™ is also included as an integral part of the new Baculovirus Expression System, baculoCOMPLETE™.

For more information and protocol details, please download the flashBAC™ Userguide (PDF).

flashBACULTRA™ Certificate of Analysis (PDF)

Product Number Title Applications Host Clonality
100300 flashBACULTRA
100301 flashBACULTRA
100302 flashBACULTRA