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Designed with virus like particle production in mind, flashBACPRIME™ combines the simplicity and easy to use flashBAC™ one step baculovirus expression system with increased recovery and yield of virus like particles.

This is achieved through flashBACPRIME™ inducing cell lysis in the very late stages of infection.

Although focused on virus like particle production, flashBACPRIME™ is also well suited to cytoplasmic protein expression and production.

For best results when expressing virus like particles we recommend using the recombinant virus in Trichoplusia ni (Tni) derived cell lines.

The one-step procedure offered by all varients of flashBAC™ greatly facilitates the high throughput production of baculovirus expression vectors via automated systems. However, it is also of benefit to the small research group just requiring one or a few recombinant baculoviruses prepared in individual dishes of cells.

flashBACPRIME™ is specifically designed for increased yields of virus like particles

For a listing of recent publications which have used the flashBAC™ expression system, please see our listing of flashBAC™ publications.

For more information and protocol details, please download the flashBAC™ Userguide (PDF).

Product Number Title Applications Host Clonality
100500 flashBACPRIME
100501 flashBACPRIME