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Endocan Antibodies

Abcore is honored to sell the best and most highly characterized range of endocan antibodies in partnership with Lunginnov. We carry multiple monoclonal antibodies against endocan. Each endocan antibody product page has an image highlighting the region of reactivity of each clone. We also offer most of the antibodies conjugated to biotin.

Endocan was first discovered in 1996 in cultured endothelial cells [1]. In the years following the initial discovery, research has focused on the roll endocan plays in cancer progression. Initially, it was described that endocan levels were highly upregulated if endothelial cells in culture were treated with VEGF like pro-angiogenic growth factors which are implicated in cancer progression [2]. Furthermore, endocan has been shown to bind to, and upregulate FGF-2 or HGF/FS pro-angiogenic growth factors as well due to the fact that endocan is a 50kDa proteoglycan which has a unique dermatan sulfate chain [3, 4]. Finally, large gene expression microarray studies have been picking up endocan as one of the most overexpressed genes in cancers including cancers of the breast, thyroid, kidney, ovary, lung and glioma [5,6].

Endocans are involved in brain cancer, specifically glioblastomas (high grade gliomas). Endocans are overexpressed in tumors (endothelial cells). Of great interest is the fact the endocans are not detected in low grade gliomas, but rather always with higher grade gliomas and when endocan is present, there is a higher mortality rate [7].

Endocan can also be used as a biomarker. When blood tests are done on patients with lung cancers and compared with the results of healthy volunteers, it was discovered that endocan is increased dramatically and patients who had a poor prognosis had higher levels [8]. To that end a second study looking again at blood levels of endocan showed that endocan levels are inversely coorelated with low survival and metastatic spread [9].

In addition to brain and lung cancers as discussed above, endocan is also involved with colon cancer [10], liver cancer [11], and kidney cancer [12].

Product Number Title Applications Host Clonality
LIA-0901S Anti-ESM-1 Antibody IHC Mouse Monoclonal (MEP08)
LIA-1003 Anti-ESM-1 Antibody IP Mouse Monoclonal (MEP19)
LIA-1101S Anti-ESM-1 Antibody IP Rat Monoclonal (GGR237)
LIA-1101 Anti-ESM-1 Antibody IP Rat Monoclonal (GGR237)
LIA-0901BB Anti-ESM-1 Antibody (Biotin) IHC Mouse Monoclonal (MEP08)
LIA-0902BB Anti-ESM-1 Antibody (Biotin) WB Mouse Monoclonal (MEP21)
LIA-0905BB Anti-ESM-1 Antibody (Biotin) WB, IHC Rat Monoclonal (GGR222)
LIA-1001BB Anti-ESM-1 Antibody (Biotin) ELISA, WB, IHC Mouse Monoclonal (MEP14)
LIA-1002BB Anti-ESM-1 Antibody (Biotin) ELISA, WB, FC Mouse Monoclonal (MEC15)
LIA-1003S Anti-ESM-1 Antibody IP Mouse Monoclonal (MEP19)
LIA-1002 Anti-ESM-1 Antibody ELISA, WB, FC Mouse Monoclonal (MEC15)
LIA-0901 Anti-ESM-1 Antibody IHC Mouse Monoclonal (MEP08)