People are usually quite surprised when they learn that we have a promotion for custom rabbit antibody production for academic labs priced at only $395. We call it our $395 custom antibody special. Usually people quickly follow up by asking where we do our production, and ask about the cost of peptide synthesis (which is included). So we thought we would talk about why we do this promotion.

Abcore is a new company. We were founded in January of 2011, and opened our offices and laboratory facilities in May of 2011. However, Abcore was formed by people with literally decades of experience in the antibody industry and antibody production. Read more about our backgrounds and experiences on our about us page. We make great, high quality custom antibodies right here in sunny Southern California. We are proud of the product we produce and we want to build our reputation on our high quality custom antibody production. The best way we can do that is to get our custom antibodies in the hands of researchers.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. The $395 cost includes sequence analysis for antigen design, synthesis of a peptide immunogen, conjugating that peptide to a carrier protein, immunization of one New Zealand white rabbit, and serum collection. At the conclusion you receive a pre-immunization bleed, rabbit serum, and even peptide so you can do a competition assay.

The fact is that most traditional antibody production packages offer researchers way more than they need. If you are looking to get an antibody made, then either there are not commercial sources for the antibody, or the antibodies that are available are of low quality.

Now, some people will need an affinity purified, highly characterized antibody; not to worry, we do that too. These antibody production packages quickly rise in price to $1,000 or more. However, we have experiences in laboratories and know that often times researchers just need to perform a quick western blot or ELISA to determine if their protein of interest is present. For example, you did an immunoprecepitation and need to know if an interacting partner is present or not. You just discovered a new protein and need to do a quick expression profile so your paper can be accepted as quickly as possible.

So what is the trade-off? First, we use only 1 rabbit when traditional protocols call for 2 rabbits to be immunized. Do you really need this redundancy when you are only seeking a quick answer? Second, we provide you with serum at the end of the protocol. It is not affinity purified, but do you really need your antibody affinity purified for your assay? Plus, we give you 2mg of the immunizing peptide so you can do a preabsorption or blocking assay to check for specificity.

We can always provide you with an antibody production package with all the bells and whistles; we just find that is not what many researchers need. Plus, in the process you will discover that your serum might work better than you expected because we are so good at what we do. You will be in communication with our knowledgeable and friendly production staff … and who knows, you just may want to use us when you need a highly purified and characterized antibody for that second paper!

Unfortunately, Abcore has discontinued the $395 antibody production promotion.