We are excited to have the opportunity to connect and interact with our loyal customers on our new blog. Our intent is not to announce new products and services, but instead to discuss in detail some of the research questions our customers might find interesting or research news that might impact those doing research with antibodies.

For example, what is so exciting about the new Pacific Orange™ antibodies everyone seems to be talking about? You might know that Abcore offers antibody production in llamas, but do you know why? Do you know what is so unique about antibodies produced in llamas? We also might discuss some of the challenges of starting up a biotech in sunny Southern California and some of the advantages our climate has on our antibody production. Recombinant protein expression is typically done in yeast, E. coli, or baculovirus. Do you know the advantages/disadvantages of each? Also, there are genes you can delete in your recombinant protein vectors which will have a dramatic impact on the quality, solubility, and purity of your recombinant proteins. We also hope to address some basic questions that seem to always come up with antibody research. For example, do you really know the difference between protein A and protein G for antibody purifications? When should you use protein A and when should you use protein G? If you really want to just see a listing of our new products, we have that; but we find that it is better to keep that separate from our blog. There are few people who really want to look at a laundry list of new products so we hope to be much more interesting than that here. You never know, we might even post something from Twitter too.