Abcore and OET are happy to be able to finally offer OET's line of Super Sf9 cells to cutomers in the United States. Out Super Sf9 cells offer significant advantages over traditional Sf9 cells. The Sf9 cell line has become the workhorse of the baculovirus expression system, being used worldwide for the production of recombinant proteins. Now we can offer you the opportunity to improve your protein yield by employing our new Super Sf9 cells. These enhanced Sf9 cells are now available for sale, meaning that you can now use cell lines in your own laboratory.

The super Sf9 cells come in 3 varieties:

  • Super Sf9-1 Cells - offers a much prolonged expression time that greatly enhances the yield of stable proteins. These cells are suitable for intracellular, membrane and secreted proteins, provided that these proteins are not subject to degradation.
  • Super Sf9-2 Cells - features an intense peak of recombinant protein production which makes them ideal for increasing the yield of toxic or highly unstable proteins.
  • Super Sf9-3 Cells - has a phenotype intermediate between the Super Sf9-1 and Super Sf9-2 cells and is a good choice for proteins of mixed or unknown character.

These unique Super Sf9 cells add to our line of existing insect cells. We also offer traditional Sf9 cells and Sf21 cells. The new super Sf9 cells are an excellent addition to our range of bacoluvirus expression products. There are more products in the pipeline, and if you do not see a product or kit that will help you, contact us regarding our custom protein expression services.

For more information and protocol details, please download the Super Sf9 Cells Userguide and Protocol (PDF).

Please note, we have discontinued holding the Sf9 and Sf21 cells at our San Diego location, and these cell lines are now only available direct from Oxford Expression Technologies.