Abcore is now able to offer the baculoQUANT all-in-one baculovirus DNA extraction and quantification kit. This is another high quality kit from OET and is unique in the fact that it is the world’s first ‘all reagents included’ baculovirus DNA extraction and quantification kit. This kit offers specific advantages over existing products on the market since there are no plaque assays, no more ELISAs or immuno assays, and no more virus extraction spin columns.


Kit Contents:

  • Lysis buffer
  • Primer/Probe mix
  • QPCR master mix
  • Virus internal standard
  • DNA positive control
  • RNase free water
  • User Guide


For more information and protocol details, please download the baculoQUANT all-in-one User Guide (PDF).

This is an excellent addition to our range of bacoluvirus expression products. There are more products in the pipeline, and if you do not see a product or kit that will help you, contact us regarding our custom protein expression services.