A new circulating biomarker of sepsis has been found (De Freitas Caires et al. 2013) at the Pasteur Institute of Lille in France. This novel biomarker is a 14 kDa fragment of Endocan specifically cleaved by the neutrophil-derived serine protease cathepsin G, and called “CG-cleaved endocan” (see figure below).

It is now known that the blood endocan rates predict respiratory failure occurrence at 48h in severe polytrauma patients (Mikkelsen et al. 2012). The present study describes for the first time a novel biomarker coming from endocan. However, no correlation has been found between endocan and CG-cleaved endocan. For now, no predictive or diagnosis value has been pointed out.

This is a very exciting development for those studying sepsis, and though the present study needs to be extended, Lunginnov has developed a new approach to quantify this biomarker. Additionally, this discovery is a great compliment to Lunginnov's range of endocan and ESM-1 antibodies which Abcore now sells direct to customers in the United States.