SUCCESS! All of us at Abcore have experience in the antibody sector of the biotech field, but we were all a little nervous for our first big shows with our new company. We exhibited at FASEB Experimental Biology 2012 in San Diego and PEGS 2012 in Boston. Our first Abcore booth and our fist Abcore exhibits were a tremendous success! First we can talk about the shows, and then we can talk about the food!

We were lucky to be exhibiting with OET and EXBIO at Experimental Biology. OET even sent out a representative all the way from Oxford to help with the booth and serve as our baculovirus protein expression expert. We learn more and more about baculovirus protein expression the more customer questions we are able to address, so it was great to have him on hand. We also noticed that the demand for quality flow cytometry antibodies continues to be growing, so it was a great opportunity to introduce EXBIO and their catalog of conjugated primary antibodies for flow. Also, our Abcore fluffy mice give away was more successful than we had anticipated. We had 300 on hand for the entire EB2012 show and gave them all away on the first day! It was extremely busy the first day, so we had to bring in more mice from the office to meet demand. We will continue to use the mice as our give away, so if you want one just come by our booth at future shows and we will be happy to give you one.

We exhibited with OET at PEGS in Boston which was a very targeted show for custom protein expression and custom antibody production. It was a much smaller show than Experimental Biology, but the term quality over quantity is fitting. We were so happy with the results of PEGS that we have already reserved space for the conference in 2013!

One of the perks of traveling with business is being able to eat well when you are away from your family. In San Diego we enjoyed a wonderful steak and seafood meal at Lou & Mickeys in the Gaslamp, right across from the San Diego Convention Center. If you ever need a nice spot to go near the convention center, this is the place to go! We also discovered that McCormick & Schmick’s has a great bar that is packed with San Diego Padre’s fans before their games at the Padres downtown ball park. We also went to McCormick & Schmick’s in Boston and had a fantastic steak dinner. Funny enough, no Red Sox fans were to be found?