Abcore is excited to partner with our newest US Hub partner, Lunginnov. Lunginnov is an innovative company focused on developing and commercializing solutions to study and diagnose endothelial dysfunction. They have a variety of laboratory reagents including monoclonal antibodies, ELISA kits, and recombinant proteins. Located in France, Lunginnov was founded in 2009 and is located at Campus de l’Institut Pasteur de Lille (Lille, North of France).

As a young innovative company, Lunginnov devotes an important part of its budget to Research & Development (R&D) and is involved in collaborative projects with research centers worldwide. Lunginnov has developed a large expertise around Endocan / ESM-1 to study the endothelium and more precisely the vascular dysfunctions (of blood and lymph vessels) in diseases such as cancers (lung, kidney, brain, liver, etc.), sepsis, obesity, etc. by providing specific tools (monoclonal antibodies, assay kits and rapid tests) to clinicians and researchers.

Lunginnov’s missions are as follows:

  • To develop, produce and commercialize solutions in order to detect, to study, to diagnose endothelial dysfunctions (active, inflammatory or injured endothelium).
  • To develop, produce and commercialize reagents (research use only/RUO) products that have been validated by peer-reviewed publications.
  • To develop R&D programs in order to offer new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions targeting the endothelium

We do not normally post new products and new product announcements in our blog, but adding a new US Hub partner is good news indeed. If you are interested in the Lunginnov products they are highlighted on the ESM-1 Antibodies and Endocan Antibodies pages. Additionally, you can see our full Lunginnov product announcement in our new products blog in the entry titled Abcore Adds Highly Characterized ESM-1 and Endocan Antibodies from Our New Hub Partner, Lunginnov.