Abcore has just finished adding over 300 new antibody categories to our website. These new categories are mostly functional categories, based on the known functionality of the antibody. A few of the new categories are based on the properties of the antibody, like conjugated antibodies or tested application. All of our antibodies have been categorized under this new system.

Our new functional antibody groups is what we hope will be the most useful to our users. These new categorization should allow you to find related antibodies, or antibodies against the same target which have different reactive properties. We have listed all our categories on our products page. This listing is not too useful in its current state, but we are working on having a collapsible list to make browsing the categories more user friendly. We have also considered listing the categories each antibody belongs to on the product page of the antibody, and would appreciate your feedback on the potential usefulness of this as well.

We are listing a list of our antibody categories here: