Abcore is happy to continue to partnering with European biotechnology companies who use our US Hub Service. Today we are happy to update our website by adding our sixth U.S. Hub company, Lunginnov. Lunginnov has developed a large expertise around Endocan and ESM-1 to study the endothelium and more precisely the vascular dysfunctions (of blood and lymph vessels) in diseases such as cancers (lung, kidney, brain, liver, etc.), sepsis, obesity, etc. by providing specific tools (monoclonal antibodies, assay kits and rapid tests) to clinicians and researchers.

We have listed their antibodies here and we will continue to update and add new antibodies as Lunginnov makes them available. We have almost all of Lunginnov's antibodies in stock and ready to send out overnight throughout North America from our Southern California location.

Here is a list of the ESM-1 and endocan antibodies which have just been added to our website: