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Blocking Peptides

Blocking peptides, also known as neutralizing peptides, are available as negative controls from Abcore. Non-specific binding on antibodies sometimes happens. In these cases, the binding antibody can be blocked or neutralized by pre-adsorption with blocking peptides. In order to determine which band in western blot or staining in cells or tissues is specifically bound, an immunizing peptide blocking experiment can be done. The protocol commences with neutralization of the antibody. This happens by incubation with an excess of peptide recognized by the antibody. This essentially occupies the antibody and leaves it unavailable to bind with the epitope in protein for western blot or staining. Results of the bands with neutralized antibody and virgin antibody are compared and specificity of staining can be determined. Abcore. provides a comprehensive collection of blocking peptides as negative controls for antibody customers.

The anti-anillin antibody binds to the target protein anillin. Anillin is required during cell cycle processes like cytokinesis. It is necessary to sustain integrity of cleavage formation and completion during interphase. It is localized in the nucleus of cells and also assists in the breakdown of the nuclear envelope during mitosis. The Anillin peptide is available as a synthetic immunizing peptide used for the anti-anallin antibody. The anillin peptide can be used as a blocking peptide in a pre-absorption assay for the anti-anillin antibody. The peptide sequence is WQPDACYKPIGKP. Anti-collagen antibody binds against collagens (fibrillar forming collagen). Collagen is the structural basis of tendon fibrils, ligaments, and bones. Collagen peptide is the synthetic immunizing peptide used for anti-collagen antibody. The collagen peptide can be used as a blocking peptide in a pre-absorption assay for collagen antibody.

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AC21-0016-P Bcl 7A Peptide Pre-absorption
AC21-0017-P Pecanex Peptide Pre-absorption
AC21-0018-P SOCS3 Peptide Pre-absorption
AC21-0019-P PGAM1 Peptide Pre-absorption
AC21-0020-P RAB2 Peptide Pre-absorption
AC21-0021-P DDB1 Peptide Pre-absorption
AC21-0022-P GADD34 Peptide Pre-absorption
AC21-0023-P Aurora A Peptide Pre-absorption
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