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Baculovirus Titration


baculoQUANT™, is a novel one-step virus titration kit which can give an accurate result within 2 hours without the need for plaque assays or immunoassays.

Compared with other methods of virus titration such as plaque assay, end-point dilution and ELISA, which require anywhere from 24 to 120 hours to yield a result and involve specialized procedures,baculoQUANT™ can provide a result within 2 hours, dramatically improving the productivity of the protein production process.

Baculovirus Titration Kit

A convienient "all reagents included" virus extraction and quantification kit

No more plaque assays, no more ELISA or immuno assays, and no more virus extraction spin columns!

Product Number Title Applications Host Clonality
100600 baculoQUANT
100601 baculoQUANT
100602 baculoQUANT all-in-one
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