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Baculovirus Reagents

baculoFECTIN is a specialist transfection reagent that has been developed for use with insect cells. It is ideal for baculovirus work and is effective with all insect cell lines including Sf9 and Sf21. baculoFECTIN is:

  • Reliable - Tried, tested and regularly used in house in our laboratories by our baculovirus experts.
  • Effecient - Our tests show reproducibly higher levels of transfection in insect cells to facilitate high level protein expression
  • Simple - Quick and easy protocol, from co-transfection to high titre seed stock!
  • Cell-friendly - Completely non toxic so cell health and viability is maintained.
  • Innovative - Nanoparticle/polymer duplex optimizes entry into the cells, and stabilises the DNA within transfected insect cells.

baculoFECTIN is a new non-toxic transfection reagent that has been optimized for use in insect cells to produce greater levels of transfection ÔÇô leading to high level protein expression.

Although optimised for insect cell lines such us Sf9, Sf21 and, the reagent will also work with other cell lines and primary cells too, including various mammalian cell lines. baculoFECTIN consists of two components, a positively charged polymer with DNA-binding capacity that is embedded into the second component, a novel porous nanoparticle. The complete nanoparticle complex protects the bound DNA from degradation by nucleases. Only the DNA nanoparticle complex with its unique size can be preferentially taken up by the cells. Within the cells, the released DNA-nanoparticle complexes are protected against DNA degradation.

The main benefits of baculoFECTIN compared with conventional lipid-based products are that it has a quick, effective and easy protocol, from co-transfection to high titre seed stock; it is non-toxic so cell health and viability is maintained; and the nanoparticle/polymer duplex optimizes entry into cells and stabilizes the DNA within transfected insect cells. Stable for up to a year, baculoFECTIN is the perfect companion to our leading baculovirus expression system, flashBAC . It is ideal for high-throughput transfection experiments.

For more information and protocol details, please download the baculoFECTIN Userguide (PDF).

baculoFECTIN is also included as an integral part of the new Baculovirus Expression System, baculoCOMPLETE™.

Product Number Title Applications Host Clonality
300101 baculoFECTIN
300102 baculoFECTIN