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Baculovirus Expression Vectors

Baculovirus DNA chiA
flashBAC™ • Expression of secreted and membrane targeted proteins
flashBACGOLD™ • Reduced proteolysis
• Improved secretion and membrane targeting
flashBACULTRA™ • Increased transcription of polh promoter giving higher yields
• Increased protein quality due to improved cellular stability
• Reduced proteolysis
• Improved secretion and membrane targeting

flashBAC™ is an expression system that allows the production of multiple recombinant viruses in a one-step process [1]. This technology has greatly de-skilled the process of making recombinant viruses and increased the throughput of recombinant protein production. It also has a chitinase gene deletion (chiA) that greatly improves the movement of recombinant proteins through the cellular secretory pathway.

flashBACGOLD™ is a further improvement on this system, by the removal of both chiA and a protease (v-cath) from the virus genome [2]. These modifications are primarily designed to facilitate the movement of recombinant proteins through the cell's secretory pathway and to prevent their degradation once they are released into the culture media.

flashBACULTRA™ has taken this technology a step further, by the removal of three more virus genes (p10, p74 and p26) from the flashBACULTRATM genome.

flashBACPRIME™ was designed with virus like particle production in mind, combining the simplicity and easy to use flashBAC one step baculovirus expression system with increased recovery and yield of virus like particles.

For more information and protocol details, please download the flashBACULTRA™ Userguide (PDF).

Product Number Title Applications Host Clonality
100150 flashBAC
100500 flashBACPRIME
100400 flashBAC Selection Box
100302 flashBACULTRA
100301 flashBACULTRA
100300 flashBACULTRA
100203 flashBACGOLD
100202 flashBACGOLD
100201 flashBACGOLD
100200 flashBACGOLD
100152 flashBAC
100151 flashBAC