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Baculovirus Expression System

We are temporarily out of stock of the baculoGROW media which is one of the components of the baculoCOMPLETE Expression System. Please contact us for availability at 1-888-359-1364.


ALL-IN-ONE Baculovirus Expression System Kit

Recombinant baculovirus protein expression made easy! An ALL-IN-ONE kit that contains all necessary components for the expression of recombinant proteins in insect cells. Kit contains flashBAC ULTRA™ baculovirus, baculoFECTIN™ transfection reagent, control transfer plasmid, baculoGROW™ insect cell media and sf9 insect cells. The user manual contains step by step instructions for the production of recombinant proteins and also a good overview on insect cell culture and baculovirus protein expression. Contents in the kit are sufficient for the production of 5 recombinant viruses.

The baculoCOMPLETE™ baculovirus expression system kit is the perfect choice for scientists wanting to upgrade to the flashBAC™ baculovirus expression platform. It contains all the components needed to get started with baculovirus expression, all in one convenient pack! The components in the expression kit have been optimized to complement each other and to produce best titres of recombinant virus and yields of proteins to help ensure your success.

Baculovirus Expression Kit contains:

  1. flashBACULTRA™ DNA (500 ng)
  2. Control transfer vector DNA
  3. baculoFECTIN™ transfection reagent (35 ul)
  4. baculoGROW™ insect cell culture medium (500 ml)
  5. TC100 growth medium for transfection (7 ml)
  6. Sf9 insect cells (frozen) (1 x 107)

Please note, all these products are also available individually as linked!

For a listing of recent publications which have used the flashBAC expression system, please see our listing of flashBAC publications.

baculoCOMPLETE™ Userguide (PDF)

Product Number Title Applications Host Clonality
400100 baculoCOMPLETE