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Abcore offers immunohistochemistry validation services (IHC validation services) on custom antibodies which we have produced, and customer provided antibodies. Most commonly, we perform antibody IHC validation as a final step in making an antibody. It is an extension of our full service antibody production, usually preceded by ELISA and Western blotting. IHC validation allows Abcore to provide not only the highest quality custom antibodies, but also the best characterized.

Abcore IHC antibody validation includes the following:

  • Target analysis for the identification of the proper tissue where the protein should be present and specificity definition
  • 1 + 1 antigen retrieval
  • 1 + 1 dilution
  • Up to 2 tissues
  • Delivery in about 2 weeks and a general protocol will be included

Please note that IHC validation can only be performed on purified antibodies. The validation service provides final result staining conditions, and ready to publish images. Abcore also has access to a wide and complete collection of human and mouse, pathological and non-pathological tissues allow us to cover all your IHC validation needs.

Contact us today and inquire about our IHC validation services. We can add it onto your antibody production package, or we can arrange to receive your antibody for validation testing!