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Anti-Retinoblastoma Antibody

Anti-Retinoblastoma monoclonal antibody raised in mouse, clone Rb1(1F8).

Anti-Retinoblastoma Antibody

Product Number : AC14-0117

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Product Details
Host SpeciesMouse
ClonalityMonoclonal (Rb1(1F8))
Amount0.05 mg
Volume0.05 ml
Concentration1 mg/ml
Species ReactivitiyHuman
BufferPBS pH 7.2-7.7, 0.02% azide.
Storage ConditionsAntibody should be aliquoted and stored at -20
Antigen Info
Immunogen TypeAnti-Retinoblastoma Antibody was raised against Rb-b-galactosidase fusion protein spanning nucleotides 1126-1973 and representing 283 mino acids of Human Rb cDNA.
Alternative NamesRetinoblastoma (Rb1); Including osteosarcoma; OSRC; Osteosarcoma; P105 RB; p105-Rb; P105RB; PP105; PP110; pRb; pRb; Prepro retinoblastoma associated protein; Protein phosphatase 1 regulatory subunit 130; RB 1; Rb; RB_HUMAN; RB1; RB1 gene; RB1 protein; Ret
Tested ApplicationsIHC, ICC, IF, IP
Application OverviewAnti-Retinoblastoma Antibody can be used in immunohistochemistry (frozen), immunofluorescence, immunoprecipitation.
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Supplier Info
Supplier Name Abcore
Product Name Anti-Retinoblastoma Antibody
Product Number AC14-0117